User Name  
The Burbank USD - Subfinder System

User Name: last name ONLY
Password: last 6 Digits of your ssn; unless you have changed it

*** If you get locked out from logging in with the wrong user name or password: Log out of the internet completely. Start over by connecting into the internet and then into the SubFinder website. If you are still having problems please contact the numbers below or use a phone to dial into the SubFinder system 24/7.

Classified Employees/ Substitutes contact
Traci Williams (818) 729-4418

Certificated Employees/ Substitutes contact
Cyndi Mersola (818) 729-4429

Alternate way to report your absence:
Dial 1-866-358-4610, your pin number is the last 6 digits of your ssn, unless you changed it, follow the prompts to continue.

Itinerant Schedules for location and/or times: Employees need to make sure that they have voiced their itinerant schedule to their profile on the phone and have also placed this schedule on their WebConnect profile.